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I'm Novelette 

An experienced Coaching Professional, Trainer and Mental Health Wellbeing Educator based in Nottingham. My career spans 30 years with experience working with people to develop their skills and potential. I bring a fresh energized approach to focus on how to get the best out of your personal life, career and pursuits. Indigo Verve has given me an opportunity to combine my passion for working with people to achieve success and delivering real social value by working across different communities and groups.

 Are you ready to discover your potential?

I can work with you to identify the critical issues getting in the way of you moving forward. Help you to learn more about focusing your energy in the right direction. Apply strategies to help you navigate change and build resilience. Increase your confidence and be proactive in how you enjoy life and achieve your future goals.

Find out what's critical for you? 

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My Story 


My journey has been amazing and full of moments that have changed my life and those around me. As I reflect back over the years and how my varied career has been stitched together by working with diverse people, to enable their growth and development. My roles have been driven by, teaching, training, managing, leading, mentoring and coaching. Coaching has always been a tool in my well equipped tool box alongside motivation and passion to empower others to achieve the best they can. I strive to be ready for every challenge, colleague, student, client and mentor alike. 

A little way back... 

I have studied and developed my skills to post graduate level in Education, business, strategic management and leadership. Alongside this delivering personal and professional development. My aim has been to work with the whole person to develop their skills, manage their wellbeing, jobs and home life. Using my core skills and values and moving confidently across sectors. I recognise the threads of familiarity from public, private and the voluntary sectors.   I've learnt that the strategies and tools I have used over the years haven't changed. But my skills to interpret them have and apply them in different ways, to best empower my clients to use the right tool at the right time.

The Ups and Downs...

My life has had it's fair share of ups and downs. I have strived to present myself openly to show how I have overcome and managed the loss of my close family, fractures to self esteem, job loss and career change to re invent myself. The past has taught me to survive and lead the way for others. 

A long way back... 

I always knew that working with people and developing their potential is where I wanted to be. Working with people to overcome their challenges, thrive and survive by supporting people with learning and mental health challenges enabled me to see how to distil complex information into simple key messages for people to relate to. Understanding the challenges and the effects of their environment gave opportunities to give clear information, ask critical questions to identify the most valuable ways of improving their outcomes.  Mental Health 20 years ago carried stigma for those afflicted, today we are happy when we are sharing our stories and seeking advice. Coaching has become more common place as people reach out for support in these challenging times.

Let's have a conversation about you

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